Thursday, April 23, 2009

Captain Marvel Falls In Love

Even though it's finals and I've been cramming, I spend all my free time reading comics. I think one of my favorites right now is Captain Marvel. He's awesome! And I love him.

This nice blast from 1944 (Whiz Comics #53) about what happened when the Big Red Cheese fell in love.

As Billy Batson (the Cap's alter ego, for those who don't know) narrates for his young and eager radio listeners, the story goes that Billy once got a job working at a munitions plant for the military - just as World War II was ending. His boss was a demanding lady named Rosie who dropped her makeup compact at the plant. Billy turned into Captain Marvel to rush it home to her...and the Cap had no idea that this demanding lady Roise is one foxy lady.

(Click on pictures for better quality.)

as the Cap tries one more time to win Rosie while at the munitions plant...

That image of Captain Marvel sitting in the gutter kinda sums up how I feel about love right now. Poor Cap!

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